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condense / конденсироваться, конденсировать, сгущаться
condense, condensate, inspissate, devaporate
condense, condensate, inspissate, devaporate
thicken, condense, coagulate, clot, deepen, boil down
make (something) denser or more concentrated.
the limestones of the Jurassic age are condensed into a mere 11 feet
change or cause to change from a gas or vapor to a liquid.
the moisture vapor in the air condenses into droplets of water
The bigger the message and the greater its urgency, the easier it is to condense and simplify words and sentences.
One of Rivera's greatest gifts was his ability to condense a complex historical subject down to its most essential parts.
This site has taken the time to condense some of Hollywood's most known films, summarising them in a matter of lines of dialogue, in a section called Movie-a-Minute.
Fog forms when the air cools to a point at which water vapor in it begins to condense into tiny water droplets.
Interior water vapor can also move into the attic space and condense on the gable ends, causing paint peeling there.
Often three sound spaces are used in a scene to establish place, to continue the narrative line and to balloon or condense in the emotional space.
The wolf is beyond thinking, beyond expression as his world spirals in to condense around these words.
‘Wood is condensed solar energy with leaves,’ he says.
Care had to be taken to prevent warm air from contacting the slide during all transfers because water condensed on the cold tissue and provided a path for glucose migration.
The first half is pretty faithful to the book; the rest is much more rushed and condensed .