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condemn / осуждать, обречь, порицать
condemn, judge, denounce, criticize, convict, censure
blame, censure, condemn, deplore, decry, reprove
express complete disapproval of, typically in public; censure.
fair-minded people declined to condemn her on mere suspicion
sentence (someone) to a particular punishment, especially death.
the rebels had been condemned to death
Many people said it was wrong to condemn future workers to worse pension arrangements.
But if they didn't have enough victims for a good day's fun, the Romans would conveniently condemn even minor criminals to death and replenish the supply.
Detectives were forced to put together a ‘magic circle’ of circumstantial evidence which would condemn Stone.
They can take a buyout package and get out of the way of the bulldozers, or wait for the city to condemn their property and force them out.
A host of international covenants and national laws already condemn and outlaw trafficking, and that is good.
She could not and would not condemn him to her fate.
The demon that fell in love with me so many years ago, that helped condemn me to this fate, was standing right here talking to me.
fair-minded people declined to condemn her on mere suspicion
She should not be targeted by a group with an ideological agenda that may condemn her or even force her into a decision that will have lasting repercussions.
This man is the first to become a casualty of a new Australian plan to discourage smoking: a plan that has been condemned by its critics as ‘moral fascism’.