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concuss / принуждать, потрясать, запугивать
compel, force, coerce, enforce, oblige, concuss
shake, shock, stagger, convulse, appall, concuss
intimidate, bully, cow, browbeat, bluff, concuss
hit the head of (a person or animal), causing temporary unconsciousness or confusion.
she was shaken, slightly concussed, and in no state to carry on
If she could concuss him, then she might just buy herself some time to escape.
The injury to the back of his head may have stunned or concussed him but was not responsible for his death.
When we took Jake to hospital after he collapsed we just thought he was concussed .
Medical staff concluded he was concussed but there was no lasting brain damage.
Slim was captured during the Battle of Kapyong after he was concussed by enemy shelling.
The blow to his head must have concussed him, for he saw two middle-aged women straighten up and walk briskly to the I.V. unit.
Nixon's dialogue is slightly concussed , and peppered with haw-haw, blue-collar cliché.
The concussive force slammed her against the wall.
Overall, the findings of this study suggest a delay of cognitive recovery beyond the 1st day following injury in mildly concussed high school athletes.
Doctors have said that you are much more likely to be concussed if you have had a concussion or neck trauma in the past.