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concubinage / сожительство, внебрачное сожительство
имя существительное
cohabitation, concubinage
внебрачное сожительство
имя существительное
the practice of keeping a concubine.
Satlow then discusses levirate marriage, polygyny and concubinage .
Nor is the widespread practice of forced concubinage that has long been associated with slavery.
Her refusal to acquiesce in forced concubinage , combined with her assertion of sexual agency, forms the basis for re-appropriation of her sexuality, both in a physical, tangible sense, and more broadly in intangible terms.
The hostile commentator William Tyndale, writing in 1530, made the distinction between England and other countries where concubinage (irregular clerical partnerships with women) was official, including neighbouring Wales.
Jean-Marc Nattier's portrait of the marquise de Pompadour as, vaguely, Diana was completed in 1746 (Musee de Saint-Omer), at the start of her career of stately concubinage .
New Orleans's ‘fancy trade’ in female slaves for concubinage and houses of prostitution was much greater than elsewhere in the South, and must therefore have had some effect upon the workings of the slave market there.
Although the English Church was free of major scandals, such abuses as non-residence, pluralism, concubinage , and the parochial clergy's neglect to repair chancels, where these occurred, continued to attract attention.
When Lutie is faced with attempted rape by an African American man, and forced concubinage to a white slumlord, she responds with violence fueled by rage and frustration.
If we apply this statement to her more overt narrative about taking from whites, then theft becomes as easily associated with slavery as forced concubinage .
From one-quarter to one-fifth were family- and sex-related offenses, including adultery, incest, concubinage , and rape.
Forced concubinage , illiteracy, the imposition of a smothering garb, and public religious piety hiding debauchery in private - this is the description of life as it exists today in some countries.