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concretion / конкреция, оседание, конкремент
имя существительное
concretion, nodule, concrescence
settling, sag, concretion
calculus, concretion
coalescence, concretion, accretion, concrescence
splice, coalescence, binding, concretion
имя существительное
a hard solid mass formed by the local accumulation of matter, especially within the body or within a mass of sediment.
a mass of small concretions, each built up layer upon layer around some small nucleus
The areas along fault planes were subjected to a shearing action that produced a pattern of fracturing that is different from the desiccation cracking of a normal septarian concretion .
Yuki's face scrunched up in concretion .
The authors show that early concretion growth prevented collapse and infilling of voids in the organisms, in the time-interval between organic decay and precipitation of calcite.
Taken together, they impart a kind of tenuous concretion to the vague concept of nationhood.
In its conception and concretion , the Otter Creek feeding facility was a monument to Horace Albright's philosophy of aesthetic conservation.
The point of such criticisms is not to recommend a ‘materialist’ poetics supposedly granting direct access to a realm of concretion undisturbed by concepts.
A nodule is a type of concretion with a rough and knobby surface.
Strenuous efforts at concretion confront the inevitability of mutability.
Coal balls are a particular type of carbonate concretion that has been long known for the superb preservation of plant material.
These ground rules become privatized, and those who represent state security become complicit in their support, creating disorder and the absence of clear references for legitimacy and concretion for the general interest.