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concourse / стечение, скопление, толпа
имя существительное
concourse, conjunction, affluence, afflux
cluster, accumulation, congestion, collection, aggregation, concourse
crowd, throng, mob, huddle, swarm, concourse
имя существительное
a large open area inside or in front of a public building, as in an airport or train station.
the domestic arrivals concourse
a crowd or assembly of people.
a vast concourse of learned men
Then there is the real star of the film: Mr and Mrs. Hughes' concourse quality Austin A - 40 Devon, whose engine note, sadly, is audible only every so often.
A large concourse of mourners were present at both removal and funeral mass.
Guru Nanak's mission was not only to expound a new philosophy for meditation and spiritual concourse , but it was meant for organising a living and vibrant religion.
Following Requiem Mass on Friday John was laid to rest in St. Carthage's cemetery in the presence of another vast and immensely representative concourse .
The concourse of mourners was the largest in living memory and is evidence of the esteem in which the family is held in all communities.
All public circulation areas, like the main concourse , are to the west of this line; the east side is devoted to the mechanics and organization of theatrical production.
the concourse of bodies
His removal from Drohan's Funeral Home to Abbeyside Parish Church on Tuesday evening was accompanied by a large concourse of family and friends.
A huge concourse of students, all but gaping with reverence, filled two rooms.
All walks of life were represented in the large concourse of sympathisers testifying to the esteem and high regard in which Brigid and her family are held.