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concordance / соответствие, согласие, гармония
имя существительное
accordance, conformity, correspondence, concordance, accord, mapping
agreement, consent, harmony, accordance, accord, concordance
harmony, accord, tune, consonance, concord, concordance
имя существительное
an alphabetical list of the words (especially the important ones) present in a text, usually with citations of the passages concerned.
a concordance to the Bible
the concordance between the teams' research results
make a concordance of.
the value of concordanced information
Cholakov said that during Thursday's meeting, they tried to reach a concordance on a possible revision of the Personal Income Tax Act concerning the patent tax.
Simple but clinically important errors in concordance may occur with medicines in similar packaging.
As well, here is Pride and Predudice divided into volumes which are small enough to concordance completely:
Table I shows the concordance between the children's Nominated Friends, Reciprocated Friends, and Corroborated Friends.
The concordance between the earlier physiological study and present morphometric investigation is reassuring, given the number of assumptions of the latter.
Giannone has a superb grasp of the interrelatedness of O'Connor's themes and provides a helpful concordance of references to her novels and stories.
There is also an index that serves as a concordance for the biblical text.
The publication of this concordance of the non-biblical texts from Qumran meets a need that biblical scholars have felt for decades.
a concordance to the Bible
In fact, as a concordance will show, the word ‘love’ does not occur even once in the book of Acts in any context.