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concoction / варево, смесь, стряпня
имя существительное
brew, concoction, mess
mixture, mix, blend, compound, composition, concoction
concoction, fudge, cookery
имя существительное
a mixture of various ingredients or elements.
a concoction of gables, shingles, stained glass, and towers inspired by English medieval houses
This cake - a concoction that defies the combination of its ingredients - is so delectable I ate half of it in the two days we were there.
Their legacy is cemented in a strange concoction of Karo syrup, red dye, and makeup base.
her story is an improbable concoction
One night, after sampling a strange concoction made from the rose petals collected from Croxleys Wood, Geoff encounters the beautiful Rosemary.
The Prime Minister has simply been allowed to employ what is standard operating procedure for his government: when one set of lies is exposed, replace them with a new concoction .
They may be a depraved tangle but it's the disparate concoction and uninhibited mindset that improbably make this band one of the most inventive and mystifyingly unsettling live acts I've seen in ages.
This film is an intriguing and hugely entertaining concoction that could benefit greatly from an extended running time.
Language has the authority of being a concoction - its elements familiarly charged, their composite a chance to see with fresh eyes the range and weight of our possibility.
Berkeley drank more of the strange concoction , his attention drawn to Harold's neck.
her story is an improbable concoction