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conclusion / вывод, заключение, завершение
имя существительное
conclusion, derivation, pin, inference, deduction, consequence
conclusion, imprisonment, custody, closing, inference, incarceration
completion, perfection, end, conclusion, finality, finishing
имя существительное
the end or finish of an event or process.
the conclusion of World War Two
a judgment or decision reached by reasoning.
each research group came to a similar conclusion
the conclusion of a free-trade accord
The final conclusion to the story arises due to the fact that the protagonist has affected others while in pursuit of the object of their desire.
China is also expected to start full-scale talks for conclusion of an free trade agreement with ASEAN.
you can draw your own conclusion from the email
The Court agreed with that proposition, as I shall relate, but disagreed with his final conclusion based on the importance of protecting research innovation.
And then the United Nations with Troika helped the Angolans to bring that peace process to a conclusion .
The second fund, which is undergoing conclusion of legal agreement procedure, will be designated only for Bulgaria.
And my final conclusion on all these things is, that once you've find the historical James, you've in effect found the historical Jesus.
Reid gave Hume credit for taking Locke's premisses to their logical conclusion .
This means that as of today, he has just one audition to go - which means we are all closer to the conclusion of this process than the beginning, still an amazing idea.