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conciliate / примирять, снискать доверие, умиротворять
reconcile, conciliate, accommodate, compound, propitiate
снискать доверие
square off, pacify, appease, placate, calm, conciliate
stop (someone) from being angry or discontented; placate; pacify.
concessions were made to conciliate the peasantry
gain (esteem or goodwill).
the arts which conciliate popularity
The Islamists on the council are said to have left angry, and it was up to Bremer to attempt to conciliate them.
Governments have no more urgent task than to help to conciliate individuals, corporations, institutions, and society at large with the new frontierless Universe.
Once more, trying to define a problem of women, Bemberg offered Argentine society an excuse to conciliate with itself and to be blind to its own political responsibilities.
concessions were made to conciliate the peasantry
To conciliate the soldiers, he raised their pay, creating financial problems.
he sought to conciliate in the dispute
In another important aspect of the decision, the full bench said that Commissioner John Elder erred when he decided that the matter was beyond jurisdiction before attempting to conciliate it.
Their followers trust them and look up to them; sometimes, when the pack is on the loose, it is necessary to conciliate them.
In such cases the CEC then has power to investigate, mediate, or conciliate between the parties to see whether a mutually satisfactory solution can be agreed.
concessions were made to conciliate the peasantry