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concierge / консьерж, консьержка
имя существительное
имя существительное
(especially in France) a caretaker of an apartment complex or a small hotel, typically one living on the premises.
At about 3.55 pm, she arrived at Summervale House in Vale Drive, Werneth and used a key to get into the block of flats which has a concierge and security cameras, which could also contain the image of her killer.
a hotel employee whose job is to assist guests by arranging tours, making theater and restaurant reservations, etc..
She continued, with great energy, telling a story about how five people, booked in by the concierge of the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat, never arrived.
Ask the concierge for trail maps or other nearby workout options.
Council leader Andy Smith told more than 60 residents, police, councillors and other dignitaries that the concierge centre would ‘keep the rubbish out’ of the estate.
‘There will be snow tonight,’ the concierge tells me as I head back to my room to digest all that food and catch the BBC World news on TV.
Each penthouse comes fitted with an alarm and the scheme has a resident concierge .
The hotel concierge just went and hailed a cab which we should have done in the first place.
She will drive him back to the hotel, where the concierge will book him a taxi to the airport.
Isleworth councillors have accused Hounslow Homes of being ‘underhand’ about plans to reduce the concierge service for residents of the four tower-blocks on the Ivybridge Estate.
Shop owner Shindo Singh, who has lived in the area for 18 years, said she thought the concierge service meant other residents made less of an effort.
You can use the valet, the concierge or the maid services.
Luckily, the hotel was so posh that the concierge was happy to get a member of staff to drive me home.