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conch / раковина, ракушка, полукруглый выступ
имя существительное
sink, shell, conch, hole, blister, pit
shell, conch
полукруглый выступ
имя существительное
a tropical marine mollusk with a spiral shell that may bear long projections and have a flared lip.
Raup analyzed different types of mollusk conchs in terms of their geometrical properties.
the roof of a semicircular apse, shaped like half a dome.
This era produced hulking concrete edifices built in the form of conch shells, rocket ships, sail boats, origami figures, and circus tents.
Inner conch piercing looks very similar to lobe piercing, but it is placed on the inner conch and surrounds the lower outer helix.
These are strong arguments for an adaptive origin of coiling in the cephalopod conch .
The operculum illustrated by Reed does not match in outline the conch , and is here considered to be a different taxon.
Compared with the hugely elongate shell, the living chamber and the animal were relatively tiny, but the conch had perfect hydrostatic balance, and was essentially weightless as far as floatation went.
In addition, the apertural region of the conch is depicted as flaring outward, but any such flaring on the specimen itself is subtle at best.
Welcomed by the sounding of a conch horn, the boat pulls up on the beach which Jimmy explains was a shipment point for sugar and other produce from the estates taking up the bulk of the valley - now collectively called Union Vale Estate.
All were available in plain or patinated brass or copper, and they included a variety of shells, such as Philippine, chiton, limpet, melon, triton, sea conch , and nautilus.
The surface of the conch seems to possess a layer of intensively weathered shell, and no feature that could be reasonably interpreted as growth lines is present.
Because of the lack of the external conch the octopods swam swiftly, and successfully coped with the upper Cretaceous marine predators.
With mighty sounds of drums, horns and conch , Swamiji was invited to take the seat of the Holy Guruji.