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concession / уступка, концессия
имя существительное
concession, cession, rebate, transfer, acquiescence, grant
имя существительное
a thing that is granted, especially in response to demands; a thing conceded.
the strikers returned to work having won some concessions
a preferential allowance or rate given by an organization.
tax concessions
the right to use land or other property for a specified purpose, granted by a government, company, or other controlling body.
new logging concessions
And all regard compromise and concession , at least over matters of principle, as weakness, because they are.
This is the only concession I make towards recognising that the festival exists at all.
Lines and Concessions created blocks of 1000 acres each, which divided into five settler lots each of 200 acres, though at the fourth concession the irregular Lake front created lots of various sizes.
A Corona and one adverb of resignation - or is it concession ?
Weekend reports suggested that one concession involved raising the threshold at which repayment would begin from £15,000 to £20,000.
The mother pact on concession for the country's first private funded airport alone took over two years to come through.
her only concession to fashion was her ornate silver ring
The last solution consists of the concession of exclusive property rights to new knowledge creators.
Gymboree has three outlets in Dublin, including one on Grafton Street, one in the Liffey Valley Shopping Centre and a concession in the Arnotts department store.
The current Privatisation Act says that no concession may be extended without specifically applying for a related tender.