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concerto / концерт
имя существительное
concert, concerto
имя существительное
a musical composition for a solo instrument or instruments accompanied by an orchestra, especially one conceived on a relatively large scale.
I had been rather unimpressed by this composer's piano concertos but his solo piano music is clearly a different matter.
concerto for piano and orchestra
flute concerto
He composed three symphonies, a piano concerto , and chamber music.
At the festival he will perform a solo recital and play the Elgar concerto with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.
Beamish is one of the best-known names in classical music, and Britain's most prolific composer of concertos .
What makes these works piano concertos and not piano quartets, then?
I am going to limit myself to the three concertos for four solo violins without basso continuo.
We had many elaborate presentations - clarinet concertos , violin solos, flute duets and saxophone trios.
The limited menu of three classical and three romantic concerti composers is nonetheless a representative sampling of the rich repertoire.
In fact, this work must be ranked among the finest piano concertos by an American composer.