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concertina / концертино
имя существительное
concertina, squiffer
сплющиваться 'в гармошку'
имя существительное
a small musical instrument, typically polygonal in form, played by stretching and squeezing between the hands, to work a central bellows that blows air over reeds, each note being sounded by a button.
All varieties of accordion (including the concertina and the bandoneon) have been made in both double and single-action models.
extend, compress, or collapse in folds like those of a concertina.
big rolls of concertinaed wire
The toughest resistance in Homesh came at a religious seminary, where troops protected by shields used wire cutters to cut lengths of concertina wire that resisters had placed around the roof's perimeter.
Randy Krajewski, who plays accordion, bass, concertina , and piano and sings, appears to be the driving force behind this homage, and the band pulls it off nearly flawlessly.
concertina doors
When it's under pressure and you do have routines that you must meet and schedules you know you have to do things, you have to concertina all of these good intentions often and often they won't agree with you.
concertina doors
She plays tin whistle, Irish flute, concertina , button accordion and keyboards.
Gas build-up in front of a possible blockage within the bowel, concertina bowel (string foreign body) or ground glass appearance on x-ray indicating ruptured bowel are among the signs that can give the vet clues.
Loretto is a multi-talented musician and composer specialising in tin whistle, flute, concertina and button accordion.
Multiple section bindings sewn directly into covers, onto concertina pleats and strap supports will extend ideas beyond the pamphlet.
Two of them have automatic doors but the service elevator has concertina doors.