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concerted / согласованный
имя прилагательное
agreed, concerted, coordinated, consensual, dovetailed, conformed
имя прилагательное
jointly arranged, planned, or carried out; coordinated.
determined to begin a concerted action against them
(of music) arranged in several parts of equal importance.
concerted secular music for voices
arrange (something) by mutual agreement or coordination.
they started meeting regularly to concert their tactics
Cynics comment that it may well have been a more concerted attempt by the president to target black voters for the 1964 election.
As this plan is emerging, it's very apparent that there's a concerted effort to retain a lot of the characteristics of Erickson's master plan for the campus-which I think is great.
There was a concerted attempt by detectives to get answers that would lead inexorably to their preferred conclusion.
The move towards a concerted style is seen in Monteverdi's madrigal output.
Since then, there has been a concerted government attempt to split the ranks that has succeeded in some places, and failed in others.
intensity comes from a concerted effort by the band to go completely insane with their instruments.
Yet in the concerted attempt to make absent such a structure, Kertesz leaves his methods too bare.
For as long as I can remember there have been numerous concerted attempts to bring Athletics more into the mainstream of public attentions.
The executive summary of Shell's internal investigation revealed the full extent of the concerted attempts by senior management to hide the reality of the company's reserves.
Apparently, I've still been, despite concerted attempts to restrain myself, wearing my emotions on my sleeves.