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concerning / относительно, касательно
relatively, about, concerning, over, comparatively, in reference to
concerning, as touching
about, on, regarding, concerning, with respect, in relation to
concerning, regarding, on, over, re, touching
about, concerning, as regards
имя прилагательное
touching, concerning
on the subject of or in connection with; about.
dreadful stories concerning a horrible beast
relate to; be about.
the story concerns a friend of mine
worry (someone); make anxious.
the roof of the barn concerns me because eventually it will fall in
Eleven states also had proposals concerning this subject on their ballots.
There are occasions and subjects concerning which it is customary to tell lies.
Further subjects are meant to allow us to engage in more depth with the primary sources and secondary debates concerning a specific subject.
The government is soon set to make its decisions on how to address guideline prices and other issues concerning the auctioneering business.
The faculty is really not subject to much oversight concerning these major changes in direction.
They had passed the risk assessments concerning food safety and direct environmental harm.
Secondly, I'm interested in matters concerning copyright and intellectual property.
I said I had been dealing with Raj Patel in connection with the problems concerning the squatters at the Property.
Short of that, a framework or conceptual scheme is needed concerning desirable connections among subfields.
However, this acceptance was subject to several reservations concerning the supremacy of Community law in Italy.