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concerned / обеспокоенный, заинтересованный, озабоченный
имя прилагательное
concerned, disquieted, ill at ease
interested, concerned, engaged
concerned, anxious, preoccupied, worried, disquieted
имя прилагательное
worried, troubled, or anxious.
the villagers are concerned about burglaries
relate to; be about.
the story concerns a friend of mine
worry (someone); make anxious.
the roof of the barn concerns me because eventually it will fall in
So, this is a very, very serious situation that I'm very concerned about.
he looked really concerned
I know people are concerned about the possibility of a ‘bird flu pandemic’.
It is thus fair to say the average person is really concerned about the revenue aspects of the budget.
People are rightly concerned about whether we are safe from attack.
they became concerned about her
the report was primarily concerned with environmental issues
For one thing, they were all concerned about possible environmental impacts of the proposals.
she was concerned over the exams
In a quiet voice she explained that they were all concerned about what was going on.