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concern / концерн, беспокойство, забота
имя существительное
concern, trust
concern, anxiety, worry, trouble, disturbance, unrest
care, concern, worry, attention, anxiety, solicitude
touch, concern, regard, touch upon, touch on, apply
treat, refer, belong, concern, relate, apply
care, concern, look after, fend, attend, tend
имя существительное
anxiety; worry.
such unsatisfactory work gives cause for concern
a matter of interest or importance to someone.
oil reserves are the concern of the Energy Department
a business; a firm.
a small, debt-ridden concern
a complicated or awkward object or structure.
relate to; be about.
the story concerns a friend of mine
worry (someone); make anxious.
the roof of the barn concerns me because eventually it will fall in
The legal implications of all these matters have been the concern of administrative law.
We will welcome your input on matters of concern to your community.
There were no offers to buy the ice factory and on the 5th of July 1886 an auction was held for the concern , only three people turned up and there was no purchase bids.
He looked up at his son; both pairs of identical eyes held concern and worry.
to express concern
housing is the concern of the Housing Executive
He gripped her shoulders and made her face him, his concern turning to worry.
We are naturally watching with some concern and care and anxiety what is occurring in your country.
the survival of an endangered species is of concern to wildlife biologists
Carole gazed at her with concern