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conceptualism / концептуализм
имя существительное
the theory that universals can be said to exist, but only as concepts in the mind.
Thus he was particularly devoted to figurative painting, championing it at a time when conceptualism and ‘art theory’ kept all painting on the defensive.
For us, the real attraction of the works is the absence around the images, the white grounds that give the works a sense of detached scientific observation that's also evocative of a cool modernist conceptualism .
And for me this sums up the importance of James' brand of conceptualism : the artist and the work as facilitator towards developing a conceptual interrogation and response within the viewers themselves.
That all of these levels were explicable within the work itself says volumes about the vitality of conceptualism in the 70s and 80s - it had not yet a reached a nadir of mannerist gestures.
See, our mums and dads worked with the legacy of minimalism and conceptualism , their hold on the ‘presentness’ of the work, we are, by distinction, children of ‘the moment’.
Since the late '70s, Adrian Piper's art practice has deliberately melded the forms of '60s conceptualism and minimalism with identity based subject matter.
But LaBute is also concerned with the conflict between art and morality and the grandstanding exhibitionism of contemporary conceptualism .
What is probably the very first monograph ever devoted to Auriol deals with his conceptualism .
Most American designers are either obsessed with objective space or suffer from just trying to make things look cool - but here there is evidence of honesty, conceptualism and philosophy.
In conceptualism , these biographical narratives, tightly connected to both the text and image components, became an explicit part of the work's content.
Most younger artists working now have rejected the polished surfaces of Post Modernism in favour of an eclectic mixture of conceptualism and craft.