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concept / концепция, понятие, идея
имя существительное
concept, conception, construct, apprehension
concept, notion, idea, conception, intention, image
idea, concept, notion, message, intention, brainchild
имя существительное
an abstract idea; a general notion.
structuralism is a difficult concept
The application of the concept following a rule presupposes a custom.
The said the doll would be a hard concept to sell their customers.
My life is ruled by a concept so abstract it is sometimes mind-boggling.
A friend told me yesterday that he had just sold a TV concept on behalf of a famous author he represents.
If the new store did well, Seymour would have a proven concept that he could sell in five years to someone interested in taking it national.
And it is those concept cars that are supposed to excite and enthuse the car-buying public.
Generally, really good concept cars serve as models for much milder production vehicles at some point.
The most difficult task for the mothers was to explain the concept of abstract nouns and mimetic words in Korean.
The content of the dispositional concept thus presupposes the virtual-color concept .
Ernst and Young are putting together our business plan and the whole concept is coming together very well.