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concentre / сосредоточивать, сходиться в центре, концентрировать
focus, concentrate, mass, concentre, turn
сходиться в центре
concentrate, center, mass, concenter, concentre, centre
Penn's letter, of 1683, to the Free Society of Traders, sufficiently intimates the cause of its location there, showing that Penn expected business to concentre there.
The fury of the battle seemed to concentre there, and through the time-worn walls the shot was plunging, splintering the planks and beams, and shivering the stone foundation.
But his favours to three thousand were concentered in one body.
Some dissatisfaction turns his meditation into what Charles Berger calls the ‘dark countersong’ of a ‘counter-sublime’, as it questions the relation between ‘ concentred self’ and Other, between particular and general.
Why do tertiary alcohols react faster with concentred hydrochloric acid than do secondary or primary alcohol?
The property of this country is absolutely concentred in a very few hands, having revenues of from half a million of guineas a year downwards.
TALDIS is an Alibaba supplier that manufactures Tomato Paste, Double Concentred Tomato Paste in Morocco.