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concentration / концентрация, сосредоточение, сосредоточенность
имя существительное
concentration, cluster
concentration, centralization, assembly, mass, build-up
concentration, recollection, centrality
имя существительное
the action or power of focusing one's attention or mental effort.
frowning in concentration
a close gathering of people or things.
the largest concentration of Canada geese on earth
the relative amount of a given substance contained within a solution or in a particular volume of space; the amount of solute per unit volume of solution.
the gas can collect in dangerous concentrations
An amalgamation and concentration mill was built at the mouth of the basin, and the concentrate was packed by mule down to Telluride.
Reduction in dose, concentration , and/or rate of administration in patients at risk for renal failure is suggested to reduce the risk.
And I learned a valuable lesson in self-management, focus and concentration while on the job.
The resulting mergers will cause even more concentration and even less liberal views.
The most that intelligence could provide was some idea as to the concentration of troops at various points along the line, which might give some indication as to the timing and direction of future attacks.
The members of Group I, represented by Paloemonetes, respond to eyestalk removal by dispersion of the dark pigment and to injection of eyestalk extract by concentration of the pigment.
Part of the reason for more concentration on mackerel is that there are problems in the anchovy fishery.
frowning in concentration
If he can keep his total focus and concentration , it could be another breakthrough event for the Aussie.
Above this protein concentration , an additional binding mode was observed, which will be described in another section.