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concentrated / концентрированный, сосредоточенный, обогащенный
имя прилагательное
concentrated, undistracted, collected, converging
enriched, fortified, concentrated
имя прилагательное
wholly directed to one thing; intense.
a concentrated campaign
(of a substance or solution) present in a high proportion relative to other substances; having had water or other diluting agent removed or reduced.
concentrated fruit juice
focus one's attention or mental effort on a particular object or activity.
she couldn't concentrate on the movie
gather (people or things) together in numbers or in a mass.
wealth was concentrated in the hands of the governing elite
He chose poetry a little away from the elegant tradition of Petrarch, often with many more emotional words, and this allowed him to develop a more concentrated and intense musical style.
He began a concentrated campaign with the college, organising a visits programme including accommodation at the school when the crew of HMS Nottingham visited.
We can begin a concentrated effort to persuade United Way campaigns to exclude local Boy Scout troops as funding recipients.
Water should not be added to concentrated acids because they will boil and splatter - always add the acid to the water.
Further investigation of mechanisms of atypical liver necrosis after concentrated acetic acid ingestion is needed.
Subsequent adsorption from a less concentrated solution of DOPC and DDM increases the fraction of DOPC in the layer.
The most detailed of dossiers can only circle around an activity as concentrated and implacable as it was obscure in its ends.
They lazily, but with intense, concentrated cunning, manipulate the lives of those around them for their own ends.
Various initiatives have produced results, particularly the concentrated campaigns in specific areas.
As well as whole blood, fluid replacement may involve administration of salt fluids, plasma, or artificial substitutes, and concentrated red blood cells.