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conceive / зачать, забеременеть, понимать
become pregnant, conceive
understand, see, realize, comprehend, appreciate, conceive
become pregnant with (a child).
she was conceived when her father was 49
form or devise (a plan or idea) in the mind.
the dam project was originally conceived in 1977
Hume notes that we cannot imagine or conceive of the negations of typical mathematical theorems, but this seems to be a weak hold on the necessity of mathematics.
Without exception, a woman can conceive at no other time than this approximately two-hour period, easily determined if her birth data are known.
The researchers believe the technique helps women conceive who had been unable to do so because of defects in their eggs.
And the wildest of imaginations could not conceive of Iraq as a strategic threat to the world's only superpower.
we could not conceive of such things happening to us
Many women conceive before they have any idea they are pregnant.
Being on the contraceptive pill does not reduce the chances of becoming pregnant later, and most women do conceive from one month to one year or so after discarding contraceptives, she says.
What sort of mind could possibly conceive an idea like this?
we could not conceive of such things happening to us
At its best, his show celebrates the capacity of our imagination to conceive of, then rationalise, the ridiculous.