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conceivably / предположительно
presumably, supposedly, conceivably, admittedly, assumedly, supposably
it is conceivable or imaginable that.
it may conceivably cause liver disease
Those driving the former cop cars off the lots could conceivably be pulled over and ordered into inspection by real cops.
And that, as I may conceivably have mentioned before, is what the whole business of making movies is all about.
it may conceivably cause liver disease
By the time I was four I could count to any number a four-year old could conceivably come across and found basic arithmetic easy.
For now, Hansen has provided all the detail you could possibly want and much more than you could conceivably need.
Any suggestion that a young actress might conceivably relish the kind of dramas she has experienced lately is met with patient denial.
It could conceivably do the same for pictures, but that is a way off.
Thus the southern sweep is possible as Vitter could even conceivably get a majority tomorrow.
Pietersen at the time was playing as if he might turn the advantage back England's way, and conceivably even give them a first innings lead.
At this rate, in seven years, he could conceivably have spent a million dollars.