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conceivable / мыслимый, возможный, постижимый
имя прилагательное
conceivable, thinkable, cogitable
possible, feasible, eventual, potential, probable, conceivable
comprehensible, conceivable, apprehensible, perceivable
имя прилагательное
capable of being imagined or grasped mentally.
a mass uprising was entirely conceivable
It is conceivable that the story of our imaginary graduate student might end more happily.
The pictures covered every conceivable subject and were a credit to those who painted them.
There were countless volumes ranging over almost every subject imaginable and in little conceivable order.
It was the director, hunched forward in his chair before a wall of monitors covering every conceivable angle on the field.
It's also quite conceivable that he may be in the process of destroying them right now.
Yet Brayton clung to them as long as any conceivable argument could be made for them.
Cars, credit cards and every other conceivable product are today being aimed at women.
It is conceivable that such a day could come, but it is certainly not on the horizon now.
There would not be enough room on any conceivable vessel to hold enough specimens of all the species.
Isn't it conceivable he could be almost to Chicago by now, or at least well out of this area?