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conceit / тщеславие, чванство, самомнение
имя существительное
vanity, vainglory, conceit, false pride
swagger, conceit, peacockery, side, false pride, self-assumption
conceit, egotism, swelled head, bighead, self-conceit, self-importance
тешить себя надеждой
conceit, flatter oneself that
имя существительное
excessive pride in oneself.
he was puffed up with conceit
a fanciful expression in writing or speech; an elaborate metaphor.
the idea of the wind's singing is a prime romantic conceit
The sense that the models are crushed or dehumanized by their work and the photographer's art is the conceit of some of the best photographs.
I confess [he tells Jenny] I recollect some passages relating to that Summer, which formerly gave me a conceit that my sister had some liking to him.
She is being reproached for conceit and arrogance, promoting expensive goods and products, which people can't afford to buy, targeting a wealthy audience.
That's the conceit of filmmaker Jeffrey Blitz, who set out with digital video camera in hand to document the 1999 U.S. National Spelling Bee championship.
In this metaphysical conceit Thoreau reads India as a timeless place, defined by its sacred books.
the idea of the wind's singing is a prime romantic conceit
the idea of the wind's singing is a prime romantic conceit
He looked at the miracle of his creation of the Khalsa and attributed it to the Khalsa, without pride or conceit .
Shadow of the Vampire is a fictionalization of a true event, taking off from a brilliant conceit , that the director of a vampire film would hire a real vampire to play the leading role.
The secret to marital bliss eludes the Western civilization, although arrogance and conceit keep it from admitting fundamental flaws and looking elsewhere for solutions.