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concede / уступать, признавать, допускать
give, concede, give in, yield, give way, defer
confess, accept, recognize, admit, acknowledge, concede
admit, allow, assume, suppose, concede, permit
admit that something is true or valid after first denying or resisting it.
I had to concede that I'd overreacted
surrender or yield (something that one possesses).
to concede all the territory he'd won
Religious authorities never concede rights to their followers.
I think it's time to concede the race and throw my support behind other weblogs.
This is the biggest threat to Rangers because PSG will concede a lot of territory in the hope that one or two decent chances fall Anelka's way.
to concede all the territory he'd won
Even imperial powers that were determined to retain their empires found themselves having to concede demands for independence.
ready to concede the gold medal
A mass pitch invasion by hundreds of Pakistani fans left a steward badly injured, and forced a team to concede a match for the first time in the history of cricket.
It is true, I concede , that the whole world seems to be in love with Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
Pressure from Robbie Casey forced two Glenavon players to concede possession and John Martin was on hand to latch on to the loose ball.
He might as well concede the election right now, or simply drop out and let President Bush run against just Ralph Nader.