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conceal / скрывать, таить, утаить
hide, conceal, mask, cover, keep, disguise
conceal, hide, nurse
keep from sight; hide.
a line of sand dunes concealed the distant sea
Eventually you discover that the complex language of pensions is designed to conceal a very simple reality.
The effect is to blow away the smokescreen that Big Tobacco created to conceal its darker nature.
Everybody knows everybody so it hard to conceal something like a kidnapping.
Humankind's deceptive nature is probably the one thing we cannot hide or conceal .
they were at great pains to conceal that information from the public
Bricks and dirt were spread about in a studied way, as if someone were trying to conceal something beneath.
love that they had to conceal from others
While the movement lost support and membership internally, it was able to conceal this from the public.
My dark hair conceals my damp yellow eyes, like a funeral veil that hides a widow's tears.
No rifle is as portable and concealable as a good handgun.