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concave / вогнутый, впалый
имя прилагательное
concave, depressed
sunken, hollow, concave, cavernous
имя существительное
cavity, depression, hollow, trough, valley, concave
vault, arch, vaulting, dome, corpus, concave
небесный свод
firmament, vault of heaven, dome of heaven, cope of heaven, concave
делать вогнутым
имя прилагательное
having an outline or surface that curves inward like the interior of a circle or sphere.
Galileo's telescope had a convex object lens but a concave eye-piece.
McElwee contrasts convex and concave forms with building recesses and relief carvings.
It is possible to see the outline of a concave façade and shallow forecourt.
The shape of each is similar, with a slightly concave surface, a rolled rim, and a high foot ring.
Where the old car had concave surfaces on the doors, the new doors swell outwards, lending more bulk to the profile.
Above it, to signal the presence of occupied space, is a shallow concave circle dug out of the ground.
You stand in a dark room looking at a round concave surface perhaps five feet in diameter.
Depressions are concave regions on protein surfaces that have no constriction at the mouth.
The human shoulder blade is a thin triangle of bone with a thick crest along one edge, and a shallow, concave joint surface in one corner.
Its profile may show anything from a rather gentle concave upward curve to a series of complex scarps and sediment-filled basins.
If the outside edges appear to get sanded first, yet the middle part isn't affected, then you have a concave surface.