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concatenation / конкатенация, сцепление, цепь
имя существительное
clutch, adhesion, coupling, linkage, cohesion, concatenation
chain, circuit, range, network, series, concatenation
имя существительное
a series of interconnected things or events.
a singular concatenation of events unlikely to recur
To inform a reading of this seemingly infinite concatenation of closed brackets, Michael Davidson writes about narrative frames.
The medium of social exchange in both cases seems subject to the concatenation of individual experience and linguistic artifice, without clear purchase on how social being determines consciousness in, of and through language.
And this linkage, this so-called concatenation or coming together of effects unifying these vastly different domains of nature, is one of the most compelling aspects in this field.
a singular concatenation of events unlikely to recur
the concatenation of lists
The concatenation of circumstances has led to Gerhard Rach of Germany donning the mantle of chief coach, assisted by the former Olympian, Germany's Oliver Kutz and India's Jagbir Singh.
The geocentric, geostatic cosmos of Aristotle having been quite exploded, all that remained was an infinite and intricate concatenation of causes and effects.
Lincoln shook her head with misplaced appetite for this latest in an intermittently arduous concatenation of sterling scuffles.
Looking back, I think they might have some enduring value as a kind of unique concatenation of intellectual influences and real-life experience that could be useful as a reference-guide to others.
In addition, phylogenetic analyses were performed for each of the individual virB genes selected for concatenation .