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comrade / товарищ
имя существительное
comrade, friend, companion, fellow, mate, partner
имя существительное
a companion who shares one's activities or is a fellow member of an organization.
The characters are old college comrades who have been there for each other through everything - or so they thought.
an old college comrade
Welcome to the industrial revolution, comrade .
She helps an old comrade of her father who runs a bare little-frequented cafeteria and at the end of the day scurries home with bread and milk.
The Communist is not a comrade , neither before nor after.
Accuracy is such a bourgeois conceit, comrade .
That is the venue for tomorrow night's amazing reunion, when 85-year-old Arne will see his old comrade and friend Arthur again for the first time in nearly six decades.
If the facts don't fit the program, comrade , then the facts must be mistaken.
Hewett turned and rushed to help his comrade
What is this cult of personality you speak of, comrade ?
An old comrade of his at that stage of his career was Anne Killoran who collected many news items for him as he cut his teeth in the paper trade.