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computing / вычислять, исчислять, считать
calculate, compute, figure out, determine, reckon, cipher
compute, reckon, date, rate, figure, put
think, consider, count, feel, find, take
имя существительное
the use or operation of computers.
developments in mathematics and computing
calculate or reckon (a figure or amount).
we can compute the exact increase
Most large businesses have customer data in multiple computing environments.
After all, today's laptops have just as much computing power as desktops, without taking up as much space.
computing facilities
developments in mathematics and computing
Those PDA users who follow safe computing guidelines are highly unlikely to be seriously affected.
His main areas of interest are computer networks and distributed computing .
In the future the most extensive and complicated computing tasks can only be resolved with a quantum computer.
Its share of overall computing has decreased as computing has become ubiquitous.
computing facilities
Indeed, today we have much computing and information processing capability.