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computerize / компьютеризировать, оснащать ЭВМ, вычислять с помощью ЭВМ
оснащать ЭВМ
вычислять с помощью ЭВМ
convert to a system that is operated or controlled by computer.
the advantages of computerized accounting
Over the course of the next several months, I proceeded to computerize the records and train local staff in basic operation of the system.
She's also struggling to make upgrades that the city has requested, like computerizing the dispatch system and installing credit-card machines.
It's a tool which monitors all sorts of computerised files and online information and alerts the user when they've been updated.
I use this information to complete a computerized nutrient analysis of their four-day food record.
This story about computerized car-security devices doesn't talk about the safety issues.
Scaling and speed requirements lead to mechanical and computerized voting systems.
Failure to comply with this legislation will mean penalty points for the driver when the penalty point system is fully computerized at the end of this year.
These data derive from computerised child health registers in each health authority and not from target payments.
Simply computerising the current system is unlikely to achieve this.
The first had a computerised photograph, the second an etching.