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computer-literate / компьютерной грамотностью
компьютерная грамотность
computer literacy
имя прилагательное
(of a person) having sufficient knowledge and skill to be able to use computers; familiar with the operation of computers.
More surprising is the fact that even the most enlightened and computer-literate parents choose to put the family computer in the son's bedroom, thereby creating access problems for a daughter who would rather like to use it, too.
To meet the demand for computer-literate students, accreditation agencies have recommended that universities implement computer competency entrance exams, exit exams, and require computer courses.
There is a new breed of users out there, computer-literate consumers who don't think twice about altering the look, feel and functionality of a product.
And here's proof that even the homeless are now computer-literate .
Today, a computer-literate immigrant to the United States never really leaves home.
Such a change is only likely to come about when the majority of that group is populated by truly computer-literate individuals.
‘You could create a campaign that reached every computer-literate voter,’ says Cuban.
I'm not computer-literate , by a long shot, but I know people who are, and they tell me that the computers used to count the votes are just as subject to being hacked as any others.
A version can also reside online for your computer-literate students.
Any security system can be hacked, as computer-literate teenagers prove every day.
Modestly, I explained that I was pretty computer-literate already.