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compute / вычислять, исчислять, считать
calculate, compute, figure out, determine, reckon, cipher
compute, reckon, date, rate, figure, put
think, consider, count, feel, find, compute
имя существительное
calculation, computation, compute, estimation, counting, reckoning
calculate or reckon (a figure or amount).
we can compute the exact increase
modern circuitry can compute faster than any chess player
When you're done, you count up the number of cognates and compute the fraction of words that are cognate.
They do not compute , and more importantly, who can relate to someone who makes almost $97,000 a day?
To compute an average of these standards, we first determined a single value for each.
You can borrow my brother's calculator to compute the compound interest if you need it.
Most often when we compute a correlation coefficient between two variables, we take observations on both variables.
They may be able to compute figures in their heads with lightning speed or display a remarkable memory for dates.
the idea of a woman alone in a pub did not compute
Then we use the Fisher calculation to compute an overall probability for the whole set of words.
we can compute the exact increase