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computational / вычисляемый
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or using computers.
the computational analysis of English
Fifty years ago, they decided to go out and pick up ‘an electrical desk-calculator and the services of a mathematician specifically trained in computational methods’.
It soon emerged that similar principles were already familiar and well-developed in other fields, such as automated text analysis and computational learning theory.
Such relatively primitive methods have now been overtaken by vastly enhanced possibilities for computational analysis.
They are supposed to do that on the basis of appropriate tactical validations found using mathematical models and computational problems.
These should allow us to focus more on the computational power of the CPU, with less disturbance from chipset issues like AGP or IDE implementation differences.
He worked on computational mathematics, developing general methods for solving the equations of mathematical physics by numerical means.
Empirical research and computational models in mental arithmetic established that, during mental calculation, features of problems affect children's strategy choices.
His work on computational algebraic number theory seems to have started when he visited Caltec in 1959 and collaborated with Taussky-Todd.
Repetition is a life line of computational mathematics.
The method we propose here is much simpler and considerably faster than all others, allowing the analysis of a very large sequence dataset with very limited computational work.