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computation / вычисление, расчет, выкладка
имя существительное
calculation, computation, compute, estimation, counting, reckoning
calculation, account, estimation, computation, design, accounting
layout, computation, facing, pack
имя существительное
the action of mathematical calculation.
months of computation carried out on 200 computers
I checked every computation , retraced every step, and reinvented every wheel.
He considered computation with irrational numbers and polynomials to be part of algebra.
He has a natural aptitude for computation and is very quick at figure work.
If we can have exact numerical computation , why would anyone choose approximate arithmetic?
months of computation carried out on 200 computers
It was there that he developed the proof which states that automatic computation cannot solve all mathematical problems.
What is the difference between mathematics and computation ?
The method was applied to find the orbit of Swift's comet of 1880 and involved less computation than Gauss's method.
One example of such emergent, distributed computation is the density classification task.
Modern proof theory, and likewise the modern theory of machine computation , hinge on the concept of the recursive function.