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compulsory / обязательный, принудительный, вынужденный
имя прилагательное
mandatory, obligatory, compulsory, binding, bound, required
forced, mandatory, coercive, compulsory, positive, forcible
compelled, forced, induced, compulsory, necessary, reluctant
имя прилагательное
required by law or a rule; obligatory.
compulsory military service
Many parents believed that to give girls education beyond the compulsory age was a waste of money.
They are making teachers attend a compulsory course to enhance their computer skills.
The documents also make it clear that BA cannot guarantee that compulsory redundancies will not be imposed.
The group were worried about what their children were going to do once they had finished compulsory education.
What he can't do is to make attendance compulsory , or threaten that non-attendance will delay other qualifications.
Upon completion of compulsory service each soldier is assigned to a reserve unit.
There must be compulsory billeting powers, and they would have to be quite ruthless with those powers.
compulsory subject
The literacy and numeracy strategies were not compulsory in primary schools.
Civil libertarians are shocked at any ideas to use compulsory powers on big groups.