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compulsive / заядлый, принудительный, непреодолимый
имя прилагательное
inveterate, compulsive
forced, mandatory, coercive, compulsory, positive, compulsive
irresistible, insurmountable, compelling, insuperable, overwhelming, compulsive
имя прилагательное
resulting from or relating to an irresistible urge, especially one that is against one's conscious wishes.
compulsive eating
irresistibly interesting or exciting; compelling.
this play is compulsive viewing
But motivation coming from a negative source relentlessly generates anxiety and stress, creating compulsive perfectionism.
Ice hockey, downhill skiing, ski jumping and even the speed skating make for compulsive viewing.
Well, compulsive behaviour has been, for decades now, easier to treat psychologically than obsessions.
The Republic recovered the pride and drive that fuelled their brave World Cup challenge on a night when Hampden Park rocked to the compulsive beat of a compelling performance.
The guitarist has a thousand yard stare that gives the complete impression of disconnection - it's a compulsive and exciting experience.
The nail-biting wait for that waft of smoke has become compulsive viewing.
This feature has just been added to my stats service, which makes it now not just interesting but compulsive viewing.
Over the past two Sundays, Williams's disturbing 10-month-long expose of Britain's hooligan underworld has made compulsive viewing on BBC2.
Third, technology has a compelling, even compulsive , logic of its own.
It is characterized by behaviors that include one or more of the following: impaired control over drug use, compulsive use, continued use despite harm, and craving.