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comps / соревнование, аккомпаниатор, наборщик
имя существительное
competition, contest, emulation, game, meet, comp
accompanist, comp
compositor, typesetter, comp
имя существительное
short for:.
play (music) as an accompaniment, especially in jazz or blues.
if someone is comping chord changes, there are more textured harmonies
give (something) away free, especially as part of a promotion.
the management did graciously comp our wine selection
He mainly sticks to keyboards, and instead of adding blunt synth washes, he comps in subtle colors (as well as his patented deep-sea sonar pings).
A patron may receive complimentaries, or comps , such as a free night's hotel stay or tickets to a show, based on the kind of player he or she is rated to be.
A third friend, having just snared comps to Fiddler, caterwauled into her cell phone, ‘Aren't you just dying to see it again?’
You want to comp something, comp the extra wine we've had to drink waiting for each other.
But the law might do more, granting workers the right to paid child-care leave, flex time, and comp time, and even part-time work at proportional full-time wages.
With the sauce, however, it was palatable, and I told the hostess that she didn't have to comp it.
Worse still, the proposed bills allow employers to veto an employee's use of accumulated comp time credits if they feel it would somehow interfere with business operations.
But for many employees, worker's comp is their only insurance; thus, there's incentive for workers to blame injuries on the workplace to get treatment.
When they brought it back they apologized again and told us that they had comped the dessert wines too.
Our first attempt to fix the problem only made matters worse, and in the end we wound up re-cooking the whole meal and comping it.