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compromising / компрометировать, идти на компромисс, подвергать риску
идти на компромисс
подвергать риску
имя прилагательное
(of information or a situation) revealing an embarrassing or incriminating secret about someone.
to cover up compromising evidence of malpractice
settle a dispute by mutual concession.
in the end we compromised and deferred the issue
accept standards that are lower than is desirable.
we were not prepared to compromise on safety
weaken (a reputation or principle) by accepting standards that are lower than is desirable.
commercial pressures could compromise safety
bring into disrepute or danger by indiscreet, foolish, or reckless behavior.
situations in which his troops could be compromised
But this was David, who had seen him in a highly compromising situation without a flinch or a blush.
But what was she going to do to get herself out of the compromising situation?
She was good at weaving tales, yet even her silver tongue would be useless in the face of such a compromising situation.
Paul writes a letter of ironic rebuke, using corrective language and ridicule, much like a parent finding a child in a compromising situation.
He then approached the steel door the guards were protecting and, with the help of his wife's code scrambler, opened the door, only to find his only lead in a very compromising situation.
‘The most harmful thing is an ‘accidental’ leak of compromising information.’
Incensed and more than a little bit fearful, the priest extracted himself diplomatically from a compromising situation.
I dare say, once he came to, it was almost like he had not been in such a compromising situation.
He put himself out in front of the cameras of the whole world in very compromising situations.
How will Charlie explain his compromising situation?