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compressor / компрессор, уплотнитель
имя существительное
имя существительное
an instrument or device for compressing something.
And I'm sure my compressor will lock up with sludge soon.
Just because you have a fancy compressor doesn't mean you have to make the snare sound like a plank of wood slapping an old suitcase.
You could use an air compressor with a spray attachment or the traditional brush method.
Marc, get the air hammers plugged into the compressor and hand out ear plugs to everyone.
Pressing the Set button determines the flexibility of the signal processing, such as placing the compressor before the EQ or splitting their functions.
I had some tools but needed to buy an air compressor and used table saw.
He was further prosecuted for failing to have in his possession a certificate to show the air received through a compressor had been thoroughly cleaned and examined at least every 26 months.
His solution is to patch the compressor into the signal path after the fader.
The finish can be applied with either a brush or an air compressor and spray gun.
The cooler includes a variable displacement compressor for compressing refrigerant gas.
Keep in mind that what a compressor does is reduce the dynamic range of your recording - it makes the loudest parts quieter, and the quieter parts louder.