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compress / компресс, мягкая повязка
имя существительное
compress, pledget
мягкая повязка
compress, squeeze, clench, contract, constrict, tighten
squeeze, compress, pinch, squab
thicken, compact, compress, pack, firm, tighten
имя существительное
a pad of absorbent material pressed onto part of the body to relieve inflammation or stop bleeding.
a cold compress
flatten by pressure; squeeze; press.
the skirt can be folded and compressed into a small bag
A ginger compress is safe for most people and in many situations.
To relieve a tension headache, apply a cold compress to the back of your neck.
However, there are certain situations in which the ginger compress should not be used.
Follow with a warm sea salt compress to remove crusting and clean out any infection.
Measurements may be inaccurate because of pseudohypertension, in which the blood pressure cuff fails to compress a calcified artery.
She continued to place the cool compress on his forehead and dab at his reddened cheeks.
a cold compress
Before I knew it, I had worked myself up into a frothing, barking frenzy and had to lay down and put a cold compress on my head.
in this chapter we compress into summary form the main findings
So now I've got a cold compress on it, fresh from the freezer.