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comprehensible / понятный, постижимый, вразумительный
имя прилагательное
clear, understandable, obvious, comprehensible, intelligible, plain
comprehensible, conceivable, apprehensible, perceivable
intelligible, comprehensible
имя прилагательное
able to be understood; intelligible.
clear and comprehensible English
It is all designed to be comprehensible , even if you do not understand IT jargon or technology.
One knows that a science is mature when it is no longer comprehensible to the general, intelligent public.
Sihad had to calm down before he was able to say anything comprehensible .
His journalistic skill is evident through his clear prose and comprehensible style.
This forced the judge to intervene and rephrase the question in plain comprehensible English.
Do you see a way of keeping it technical but less obtuse and more transparent, more comprehensible ?
The epistemological project feels like the pursuit of a perfectly comprehensible intellectual goal.
The writing must be comprehensible by a moderately intelligent human being.
The subtitles are clear, comprehensible and easy to follow.
This is partly because unit trusts are seen as more accessible and more comprehensible by lay investors.