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comprehend / постигать, понимать, уразуметь
comprehend, perceive, grasp, apprehend, conceive, apperceive
understand, see, realize, comprehend, appreciate, take
grasp mentally; understand.
he couldn't comprehend her reasons for marrying Lovat
include, comprise, or encompass.
a divine order comprehending all men
My friends and neighbours know I'm a cop, but they simply cannot comprehend what we're dealing with.
There's something else afoot, something I will never understand or comprehend .
Thirdly, he may be conscious and able to comprehend what he is doing but due to his mental condition be unaware that it is wrong.
Still, so much time is spent on trying to rock the boat, in trying to understand and comprehend .
I simply do not comprehend how a herring in the North Sea can be at risk from a bovine disease.
She wants to understand, she wants to comprehend , but she doesn't want to forgive.
For these reasons, it was hard for many to comprehend that such an armistice could ever take place.
Much of the detail is difficult to comprehend for those who have not followed the story.
This latter task is to comprehend and interpret the substantive topic under study.
These transactions, for reasons I did not then comprehend , always seemed to occur in the dead of night.