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compound / соединение, компаунд, состав
имя существительное
compound, connection, conjunction, joint, combination, link
compound, compound engine
composition, compound, makeup, train, constitution, consist
имя прилагательное
composite, compound, component, constituent, complex, multiple
complex, complicated, sophisticated, compound, intricate, composite
be, constitute, make up, make, compose, compound
unite, connect, join, combine, put together, compound
mix, confuse, blend, mingle, mix up, compound
имя прилагательное
made up or consisting of several parts or elements, in particular.
Our experts are in accord: Nothing builds legs like squats because they're a compound movement that stimulates all major muscles of the legs.
имя существительное
a thing that is composed of two or more separate elements; a mixture.
the air smelled like a compound of diesel and gasoline fumes
an open area enclosed by a fence, for example around a factory or large house or within a prison.
The villages are rather compact, consisting of groups of compounds enclosed by millet-stalk fences.
make up (a composite whole); constitute.
a dialect compounded of Spanish and Dutch
make (something bad) worse; intensify the negative aspects of.
I compounded the problem by trying to make wrong things right
forbear from prosecuting (a felony) in exchange for money or other consideration.
Since the effect of compounding an offence is that of acquittal, the perpetrators would also know that they cannot be tried again for the same offence.
People are free to meditate anywhere within the compound .
Taxpayers, however, run into problems because of the city's high compound interest rate applied to unpaid amounts - a steep 18 per cent a year.
Once the active chemical compound has been identified, its molecular structure must be determined.
So in this pundit's view, the spelling determines compound status and thus the plural.
We compound various strengths and combinations of thyroid hormone.
Inflation and tax will eat into the value of any savings, and a poor interest rate will only compound this.
You seem to have this compound conception of what it means for civil society to be engaged in a movement, as opposed to focusing on an individual leader or a particular party.
That is, they cannot be used in isolation but must occur either as part of a compound word or with a possessive prefix.
Dr. Miller says a compound called nitric oxide is known to play a role in the dilation of the endothelium.
The empirical formula of a compound is that which is obtained through laboratory research.