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composure / самообладание, хладнокровие, спокойствие
имя существительное
composure, countenance, poise, temper, control, equanimity
composure, cool, coolness, equanimity, cold blood, calmness
tranquility, calm, serenity, peace, calmness, composure
имя существительное
the state or feeling of being calm and in control of oneself.
she was struggling to regain her composure
She has a startling assurance and composure and the performance is most notable.
The question is whether they will have enough composure to outfox the defending champions
It took me about a few seconds to regain composure and get up from whatever I had fallen on.
In those early days, composure was something he threatened to lose as he ruminated on the challenges to be faced.
That all came down to us when we lost composure and control for a few minutes of the game.
The control and composure he showed for the first goal was world class.
It was cool enough to take my breath away for a second and it took a few moments to regain my composure and concentrate.
After regaining some of his composure , the artist went to the local pub to meet his wife as arranged.
The other side is trying to make you lose your composure and you will play right into their hands if you do.
Regaining his composure , he said his farewell and walked out of the door.