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compost / компост, составное удобрение
имя существительное
составное удобрение
удобрять компостом
готовить компост
имя существительное
decayed organic material used as a plant fertilizer.
Mulch with an organic material such as compost or alfalfa hay.
make (vegetable matter or manure) into compost.
don't compost heavily infested plants
Sow some of the seed in a pot with multi-purpose compost or in a row in the garden.
I watered the planting area for each one with several litres of water, then added some fresh compost .
Used only in a do-it-myself mixture of seed compost , a single bag of peat lasted nearly a decade.
Garden compost is not really suitable for this purpose because it contains weed seeds.
Stock up on compost , potting soil and fertilizers, or find and haul these materials from local sources to create your own.
Finally, the district will soon be getting a grant for vermi-composting, which uses worms to compost organic matter.
It's best not to compost fruit and leaves unless you know your pile gets hot enough to kill the pests.
Adding compost to heavy clay soil improves drainage by improving soil structure.
Similarly, it is always best to use new potting compost when sowing seeds or transplanting seedlings.
Mix plenty of compost into the soil, or grow the trees in raised beds.